Monday, August 18, 2008

Tag, I'm it.

Thank you to Becca for tagging me...not. I am to share 3: joys, fears, current obsessions/collections, and random/surprising facts!


1) Open mouth Avery kisses. I LOVE EM. They give me goose bumps when she slobbers all over my face and neck. Kinda gross but I LOVE IT.

2) Watching Duane and Avery interact. Avery loves her dad, and she squeals everytime she see him. I love those two.

3) Christmas. I love christmas. I love the weather and all the warm fuzzy feelings that come with it and the awesome music. Nothings better than walking into my house with a beautiful christmas tree, smelling reminants of my awesome cooking mixed with fresh pine sap and feeling the warmth of a soon to be warm cozy fire (coming fall 08).


1) Crashing into the ocean in a airplane only to survive the crash and eaten alive by a sharks. YIKES....super scary. This kind of shit haunts me everytime I get on a plane

.2) A family member dying. I don't even want to think about it

.3) Having plastic surgery and coming out looking like the Lion Lady.


1) Blogging

2) Baby clothes/toy shopping

3) Going through model homes

Random surprising facts

1) I'm scared of the ocean. I refuse to swim in it.

2) I love to garden, but all my flowers die.

3) I want to move to Vermont


Becca said...

GOO that Lion Lady is Fa-reaky! No shizz that's one of my fears now too.

Bateman's Latest Kill said...

I am glad that you take the time to pull up each of my pictures and check out what is really going on and bring it to my attention. That snot is nasty didn't even notice it in the pictures. You just know that if you look closely you will find my child doing something even more amazing than I thought. Always look in the backgroud for Ry